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    I'm interested in importing a vehicle through a broker, but want to get a quick rundown on rough estimates so I know how much the vehicle would run me. This is the first vehicle I'd be importing/first RHD, and would like to make sure all my ducks are in a row in terms of actually purchasing the vehicle. Last thing I'd like is to be short handed before purchasing. (Insurance and OOP I already have figured out).

    - Vehicle cost; on the auction sites of the kei car that I want, I'm seeing the average price as 35k to 70k JPY (less than 1000 CAD), while start prices are 300k JPY (4k CAD) and higher. What do I go by, or average it out?

    - Import broker fee, generally 1000 CAD

    The ones I don't have a clue on are these ones:
    - Export costs; so getting it out of Japan
    - Shipping it on the boat to Vancouver
    - Getting it off the boat and onto Canadian soil/Canadian Customs.

    Thank you! I would be picking it up from Vancouver with a truck and trailer myself, and have already estimated that cost in as well.

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    Here's a quote I give out to people:

    $900.00 export costs out of Japan (shipping in Japan, export company fee, radiation and mechanical checks, export documents and translations, etc.)
    $999.00 Cad for our fee
    $1300.00 Cad for shipping to Canada port in Vancouver, roughly ( varies a bit based on vehicle size / weight )
    $100.00 Cad for shipping insurance ( optional, but highly recommended )
    $800.00 at Canada customs for gst ( 5% ),air conditioning excise tax, duty( 6.1% ), port charges, customs papers, customs clearance, etc. ( this will depend on the value of the vehicle )Then youíll have to account for shipping within Canada if needed shipped further from BC port and registration costs.Of course there are a few variables here, this will give you a rough idea of what other fees are involved with importing a vehicle. When your importing with us, you just have to talk about the end number and Iíll do all the calculations for you of course.

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    So I am curious when you are looking at an auction site and it says "Estimate CIF $" Does that include all the fees for getting the vehicle on the RORO to Canada? Example:
    Estimate CIF 3,353 USD

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    Yes CIF is the price of everything included (no insurance) untill the boat riches Canada. After this you pay extras

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