Hey guys

So in the past few years we've doubled our traffic while many forums have come and gone. As it stands now we have a lot of great members and new signups but we need more of you to contribute and get involved.

We know there is lots of information here but in order to keep things fresh and keep up with changes (new cars, regulations etc..) we need your help.

What Can I Do To Help?
  1. Make a thread for your car with pics and info (how do you like it, how does it handle, etc..)
  2. Make DIYs to explain how to fix problem's you've had.
  3. Ask questions about any issues you have with your car, Exporter, Importing etc.. (nothing is too simple or silly).
  4. Share interesting info and pics with your friends on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram etc..)
  5. Invite your friends and family.
Just to put it into perspective one of the reasons I made this site back in 2007 (yes nearly 10 years ago as of October) was because all the questions I had couldn't be answered. I tried various forums and found a lot of people laughed at my questions (I was new, I had no idea about how cars worked or importing). But because I searched for answers I've learned a bit over the years.

We've got lots of great changes coming up this year but we'll always need help and input from the community. If you have new information or just want to share your importing experience I find I still learn from virtually every thread like that because things change.

Thanks for your support and Cheers everyone!