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Thread: How You Know That Your Air Suspension Is Knackered

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    Talking How You Know That Your Air Suspension Is Knackered

    No I wasn't planning for a cambered look!
    But seriously thinking back to the weeks and months before here's what I remember. The front started to feel a bit more stiff (I liked it) and the rear will start bouncing hard as in you are getting thrown out of your seat (this means your rears have sunk and are hitting the rubber stops on the mounting area). It may happen a few times and get better if you adjust your height but be warned it is like playing with fire when all of them may go at the same time (also note when you pull over the car may have already levelled itself out so just because you don't see the rear has sunken doesn't mean it's not a symptom). Another thing when I think back to it is that the car gradually over days and weeks appeared to get a bit lower on its own. The thing is that none of this stuff is very obvious until after the fact and hindsight so this is why I'm stating what sounds obvious .

    Just some background info I read for years that air is not reliable and this is true of even in the newer UCF31 series of Celsior and probably air in general for other vehicles.

    In the Celsior I read consistently that "the rears go first" and you can really see they are lower. If your rears are lower then it is a sign that your air suspension has probably begun its inevitable demise. The thing is according to various Lexus forums is that you better replace everything at once regardless of if it's just a sensor or a single strut because "the others won't be far behind". My mechanic also confirmed there was oil leaking from all of them so they virtually all failed at almost the same time.

    One more note is that I had a suspension controller from Japan and the car came fairly slammed. I read that using "sport mode" and lowering these cars significantly reduces the life of the air suspension.

    Hope the above is useful. Personally I am glad I ordered the RSR coilovers with the car I think everyone should have a pair of springs or coils handy if you have air in case a day like below suddenly happens.

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