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Thread: 2000-2005 UCF30/31 Celsior LS430 Lower Control Arm Bushings Info/Part#

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    Default 2000-2005 UCF30/31 Celsior LS430 Lower Control Arm Bushings Info/Part#

    Reading the forums shows that the lower control arm bushings are a common issue on our cars. I've replaced balljoins and inner and outter rods and still have steering/front end shake and I am fairly sure it is the bushings after you see the pics. The bushings seem to cause the car to be difficult to drive straight as if it is being blown around and now I think it even causes issues when braking (SPUd had an even worse case than mine).

    If your bushings do not look good and new I would say they are a must replace but really when searching most bushings look cracked and dead like mine.

    Bad LCA bushing symptoms
    • I believe they are causing a clunk and "squeaky" sound.
    • Car will not track straight even with alignment (because it cannot hold an alignment)
    • Car will veer off to the side when hitting bumps/uneven objects or pavement.
    • Car shakes on highway even with good balance and new balljoints and tierods.

    How to fix the LCA bushings?
    This is notobvious because a lot of shops and dealers say the arm must be replaced even though it is just a matter of unbolting the bushing bracket and pressing out and the new one in.


    I found these 2 posts very helpful from the Lexus forums

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    For another post my mechanic also found the rear cradle suspension bushings seem bad and are making noise (not sure of the proper name).

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    I finally ordered parts and got the "full brackets with pre-pressed bushings" as this makes the job super simple to do anywhere and saves labor time. You don't need a press and can literally unbolt them with 2 nuts and just shove in the new bracket over the control arm end and screw back in.

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