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Thread: Toyota Estima Requires Keyfob Chip To Start?

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    Default Toyota Estima Requires Keyfob Chip To Start?

    I am getting this is the case from this story:

    In case it happens to our members I looked up some info which may solve this issue if it happens again (SMS'd to the phone number in the news article).

    In the worst case you could get a new keyfob from eBay with the chip and then you should be able to use a Techstream cable to program it (there are also some instructions which claim you can use a combination of door locks/open door to possibly program without any ECU tools).

    Does anyone have a list of which models require the keyfob/RFID to start?

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    Shame on Toyota Canada, this looks like a young family who probably cannot afford financially or the stress when Toyota Canada know very well that they do not have to send the vehicle back to Japan and in fact Toyota Canada could obtain the new key and fob for them "if" they wanted to.

    Long story short, even if the vehicle is on the moon a new key/fob can be obtained from Japan and it comes with simple instructions on how to program the immobiliser in the fob.

    I have brought and sent a few over the years to customers around the world.

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    I thought I'd throw my $0.02 in here. I imported a 2001 Altezza RS200Z with one key. After inserting they key, NO security light comes on. I had another key cut, did NOT program it, and it will start the car fine. Some of these cars didn't even have the security feature. Toyota Estima? Not sure if they all have it or not.

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    Yes same here I haven't got a copy cut for my Celsior but being of the same era of the Estima I find this suspect and that maybe the owner got taken for a ride. All I know is I did txt them with some info and offer of help and never heard back so I'm not sure if the story is 100% real.

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