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Thread: I want to learn about cars !

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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and jdm. I recently got into the car world by getting recommended a video by a youtube channel called 'kings must rise' and loved it ever since. I never grew up around anyone who was into cars, and my parents only have auto transmission cars (i live in the us and really want to learn how to drive a manual car). I'm 15, and after watching videos from people like kings must rise, tj hunt, haggard garage, theslaptrain etc. i want to learn more. I've even started watching initial d. My question is, how/where do i start to learn about these cars and their significance ? Thanks (i also love video games, so are there any pc games worth getting based on cars?)

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    Welcome to the forums!

    1. "I never grew up around anyone who was into cars, and my parents only have auto transmission cars (i live in the us and really want to learn how to drive a manual car)."

    A: That's fine. Maybe a bit of a limiter to who you can access in person, but definitely not a deal-breaker. I'd recommend getting into forums/like-minded peers (perhaps at school) who want to learn about cars/know about cars for you to learn. If your school has an auto shop class, then you could access that as well. As for learning to drive a standard, I'd probably wait until you find a friend who's willing to teach you or your first car (assuming standard). I can't say that you can learn standard without ever getting into a standard car so I'd recommend finding access to one first.

    2. "I'm 15"

    A: I'm not much older than you, but I started learning about cars when I was young. However, I did wait until I got my license to really start getting into it myself. After I got my Subaru, I started going crazy in learning different things on it. Nothing better than owning a car and fiddling with it (to a point... don't go crazy and break the car).

    3. "I want to learn more"

    A: Very good mindset. Just look through forums/DIY's and you'd be surprised on what you learn by researching the little details you don't understand. This is pretty much how I ended up researching how to operate different tools/their mechanisms. Also, learning more means you can be more independent in repairs on even the minor things. This saves a lot of money, but it does take away time (maximize benefit:cost ratio).

    4. "Their significance"

    This is probably the most practical definition, but they take us from point A to point B using a petroleum product with terrible efficiency. I'm talking about really poor efficiency. Combustion engines have around a 20% efficiency in converting the chemical energy to mechanical energy (resulting in work).

    NOTE: [Gasoline]Combustion engines are modeled around the air-standard Otto cycle. The cycle uses a set of reversible adiabatic compression-expansion operations with heat addition-removal in between. It assumes perfect conditions, where energy loss does not occur. Similarly, diesel engines are modeled around the air-standard diesel cycle. More efficient than the Otto cycle, but not as much as we'd like.

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    I was 18 when i got into cars, second car was a turbo starlet ep82 the turbo went on it and after needing a new radiator and manifold the mechanic charged me 400euro after feeling like a got screwed over i went off and bought myself a socket set and went from there, by no means am I a mechanic but i havent brought my car to a garage in years

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