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Thread: where to find a clutch for Evo V

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    Default where to find a clutch for Evo V

    Hey everyone,

    I just purchased an Evo 5 GSR and she needs a clutch replacement real bad

    anyone in canada or USA that supplies these? so far it seems like cheapo ebay option or expensive dual clutch option..

    should i get a dual? the car as far as i can tell only has exhaust work and no other power mods

    has anyone tried the ebay units? probably garbage right?

    i would like a OEM style replacement


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    oh i just noticed there are Exedy's on ebay..

    any thoughts on this kit?

    are clutch kits the same for most evo? i see some listed as fitting evo 2-8

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    This one should be good to go and a good value that it has a nice flywheel.

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