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Thread: Centric C-Tek Brakepads Review - Metallic

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    Default Centric C-Tek Brakepads Review - Metallic

    I've now used the C-Tek series of metallic pads in the fronts of two different vehicles, both Toyota's which are larger and heavier and I feel generally have poor braking performance. I was shocked that even my Celsior had similar poor braking characteristics that I noted in both series of Aristo to the point it felt unsafe. Fortunately I've found that this is an easy and quick fix and that the C-Tek Metallic pads give you much improved braking performance, they are a high quality, performance metallic brakepad at a very low price it's almost hard to believe. I'll definitely be using C-Tek pads in any vehicle they're cheap and extremely high performance (I think I paid around $22 USD for the Aristo's and $17 USD for the Celsior!). I also know crappy pads I've used Raybestos pads on my Impreza in the past and they were horrible and more expensive.

    I've had these pads for nearly 1 year now and am very pleased. I'd like to see how a car does if I install metallic pads on the rear calipers too.

    The pros are that they provide seriously outstanding braking performance, you can stop extremely fast without stomping on the brake pedal whereas before especially in the wet my car just wouldn't stop right even taking conditions into account even in the dry it was marginal until the C-TEC pads.

    The cons are the normal for metallic performance pads, they make higher than average brake dust so your rims need to be cleaned more often. The other annoying thing is the creaking and groaning you get sometimes just before coming to a small stop (it is not a loud screeching sound that annoys other people but is mainly heard from inside the car AFAIK) my Aristo made the same sounds with these pads but only seemingly on the right (I swear on most Toyota's the right caliper has some issues that make this worse). But this is a small price to pay for safety and excellent braking performance. The noise after nearly 1 year finally seems to reducing.

    I bought these from an Centric Metallic Brakepads (Amazon Affiliate) having a great experience on my old JZS161 Aristo with the same series of metallic pads.
    These were tested on my UCF31 Celsior.

    The exact part# I tested for my LS430/Celisor is:

    To find the correct part you can always use Amazon's system by plugging your car into their automotive section:
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    I will add that I too have used these and other Centric products. They work well and are in Rock Auto and local vendors catalogues.

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    Cool Cameron a lot of people I've recommended these pads were very skeptical because it defies the logic of "cheap brakes = bad brakes". I've paid more locally for Raybestos and other products that were just horrible.

    Where in Vancouver can you find Centric parts?

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    RockAuto! When Lordco lets me down, or Autopartsway pisses me off with a price gouge, I shop south of the boarder.

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