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Thread: Celsior UCF30/31 16" Wheel Fitment Help Can't Clear Calipers

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    Default Celsior UCF30/31 16" Wheel Fitment Help Can't Clear Calipers

    Hey guys so I got a set of Nissan Altima rims and checked the specs from 2010 and they were the same specs as the stock 16" LS430 rims of course every rim is different........they didn't clear the massive front calipers of course .

    I've read this thread here on the Lexus forums saying the 98+ LS400 rims will fit the LS430 for sure.

    Here is the pic the forums says fits:

    Here is a pic of ones said to be from a 98 LS400.

    Are they the same as above and will they fit?

    Also does anyone know any other 16" stock or aftermarket rims that will clear my calipers?

    Thanks guys!
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    Just an update I did buy them (waiting for shipping) and will update but I am hopeful because another poster here: says that 95+ LS400 will fit the LS430/UCF3 Celsior.

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    Wow almost a year later but I can confirm 16" LS400 rims fit on an LS430 / UCF30 31 Celsior.
    I think any 94+ UCF20/21 LS400 16" rims will fit (basically the others with 4 pot calipers)
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