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    I have a 1997 Subaru GF8 with EJ20K. I am having issues with my car idling rough. The throttle body didnt need to be cleaned, also cleaned IACV. but after cleaning the IACV it runs even worse. What else could be the issue. Could it be a bad MAF or Coils?

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    Hey Hydro, welcome to the forums.

    What kind of intake setup do you have in the car? I've seen some cars have a rough idle after changing the box filter to a pod filter, but that may not be your case.

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    I began to have idle issues (as well as a "miss" while driving) and narrowed it down to a faulty O2 sensor. I've unplugged it and reset the ECU. Details posted HERE. The engine actually runs just fine now (although no doubt wasting gas) without an O2 sensor... but yes, I plan to replace it.

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    I would first check the basics like air leaks, spark plugs, coil packs, MAF/cleaning is a good idea too and check codes! Also if your car is idling rough while cold it is probably not the O2 as the O2 is not really active while in closed loop/cold mode.

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