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Thread: Question about the Japanese Auctions

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    Default Question about the Japanese Auctions

    Hi everyone,

    When looking at some of the historical sold data on the auction sites, some cars are listed as sold, but without showing what the sold price was. Is there are reason why one can't view this information? Do the Japanese local brokers have access to this or is it not available for anyone?

    I'm currently searching for a vehicle and hopefully place a bid in the new year. Anyone have any tips on bidding? How do you guys go about it usually?

    Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year!

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    Welcome to the forums which kind of car are you after?

    Yes the reason is that some of those cars are sold from USS which has now closed off the info to the public. I believe direct USS members still have access to manually look up this info.

    Try to look at past prices (I know you have tried) and just get a feel. I have been successful in most of my recent bids/purchases eventually you get a knack and a feel for what the car could go for. You will also notice certain models, colors, conditions will have a higher price and also some auction houses tend to have much higher prices all around in my experience.

    One thing to be concerned about though is the honesty of your Exporter, we all now back in the old days where most people had no access to sold prices and some Exporters would fraudulently mark the price up (eg. they say the car sold for more than it did and pocket the difference). Typically this would happen (as it happened to me) when you negotiate a sale as it is impossible for the buyer (without a lot of help/connections) to find the true negotiating price.

    Good luck, we're here to help and please keep us updated! Things always change and watching the new guys go through the process keeps us all up to date!

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    Thanks again jdmvip, appreciate all your insights and help.

    I'm looking into getting a Toyota Chaser JZX100. Definitely noticed the price difference for color (white ones seem to always sell less than the rest for some reason?). Will update as things start rolling

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    This was never the case all prices were always shown, but seems to be in the last few months that has changed.

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