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    Hey guys,

    I couldn't find any information about this on this forum so I figured I'd make a post.

    I want to confirm that this replacement key works for our GC8 in case you want a spare key or need a new key for your car. I needed a spare key because I lost a key before and didn't want to be stuck paying a locksmith to cut a new key for me based out of the barrel (can easily costs hundreds!).

    Part #: 57497FE000
    Purchased from Subaru Calgary (in Calgary NE) - Currently, they do keep it in stock at all times and you can get it cut for free at Canadian Tire
    Disclaimer: Although CT does cut it for free, if the machine cuts it wrong (very small chance, very precise machines), CT is not liable to reimburse the cost of the key.


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    That's a nice looking key... but probably a "nice" price as well. What did it cost?

    For use as a spare key, wouldn't something like the following be sufficient?


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    Yes, for a spare key, that key looks like it'll work. I actually use this one as my main key now and my old one as my spare key. The old key that I was given with the car was a very old, ratty looking thing.

    The cost of the key was $40 CAD, not including GST/PST/HST depending on your province.

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