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Thread: Nissan Safari Y60 TD42T Auto - user manual

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    Default Nissan Safari Y60 TD42T Auto - user manual

    Hi guys I am looking for a Nissan Safari TD42T / Auto user manual.

    Does anyone know if such a manual exists in English? If not, I would also be really grateful if someone shares a link to a manual in Japanese. If there is no digital version I am willing to purchase a paper one.

    So basically I am open for options

    Thank you in advance.

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    I would like to bump up the thread. I am looking for whatever version - PDF or paper, English or Japanese for a 1995 TD42T / AT. If anyone has a paper version and would like to sell it, please write here or PM-me.

    Also I am interested in genuine brochures for the 1995 models.

    If I find a paper Japanese version my intention is to gradually scan and translate it and share it with the community.

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    Hey there Plamen the best I could think of would be to try Yahoo Japan auctions.

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