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    Hey, i recently came across this website and there is a lot of useful info out here. I want to ask a very noob question and please don't hate me for it.

    I am thinking of importing 95-99 rx7 since it's been my dream car since i was a kid. I've heard this car take eat a lot of your savings, so i need a clarification on whether it's worth it. I live in Edmonton and i have basic knowledge about cars (pretty sad).
    Can anyone share on how much it will cost me to import, insure, maintain, mild upgrade etc?

    Thank you.

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    That's an extremely open ended question. I have no idea about the insure and maintain aspect, your best bet would be a RX-7 forum - sorry no help here. I do however have a detailed spreadsheet on importing JDM cars into BC. It breaks down as such (at *today's* exchange rate!):
    300,000 Yen = $6,884 CAD
    500,000 Yen = $9,676 CAD
    700,000 Yen = $12,468 CAD
    I think you will/can find RX-7 in these ranges of price.

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