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Thread: ACGI Sneaky SPAM -- Report it to the Government

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    Angry ACGI Sneaky SPAM -- Report it to the Government

    Hi Guys, I've imported a couple cars and every time I get a sneaky, totally unsolicited, email from ACGI Customs Brokerage Department offering their services for some low, low price. Not sure how they're getting my email but I am sure they shouldn't be contacting me with it.

    It's easy to ignore if you know the process but for the newbie this email comes across as requiring action. Very misleading and, in Canada, very illegal. This is the very definition of SPAM and we have clear laws against this type of underhanded business activity.

    I encourage anyone who has also received an unsolicited email from ACGI to submit a report through the following link:

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    how do you know it is spam?

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    I missed this thread do you have a copy of what was sent and is it really clearly from their e-mail?
    I've dealt with them recently and found them to be a little strange (they would give different answers on services, then offer a service, ask for info and disappear etc..). One thing I noticed is that they didn't seem to be aware of what source ports in Japan go to where (eg. they seemed to try and book me through a port that sails only into the US and not into Canada).

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    Hi Jason,

    I am notifying you regarding your 2003 Toyota Alphard V due to arrive in Canada. Please see below for information about the vessel and who we are.

    Please note that your car is on NYK Vessel: HERMES LEADER, Voyage # 26 departed Port of Kawasaki, Japan and will arrive in Vancouver on AUGUST 22, 2018. ‘NYK Line’ ships most of the vehicles from Japan to WWL Terminal in Vancouver.

    ACGI Shipping is a full service Customs Broker, offering a complete range of exceptional and premium customs brokerage services at the most competitive brokerage fees. We ensure imported vehicles from Japan are being customs released as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Our fully automated system provides the quickest and most reliable processing of customs transactions. Our goal is to provide the best possible service for our customers and ensure that their requirements are efficiently, effectively, and sufficiently met.

    I would like to offer you our most competitive brokerage fee of CAD 155.00 plus 5% GST.

    Once your car is customs released, we will make an appointment for you with the WWL Terminal to pick up your car from the Dock OR we can arrange delivery of your car to your address if required.

    List of costs as follows:

    Customs Duty: 6.1% on FOB value, (25 years old cars are duty free)

    Excise tax for air conditioner: $ 100.00

    GST: 5% x (FOB + Duty + Excise Tax)

    Soil Exam processing fee: $ 45.15

    Terminal Charges: $ 125.00 (approx.)

    Total Brokerage Fee $ 155.00 plus GST

    Once your car is customs released, you can pick up your original docs from our office in Downtown Vancouver OR we charge you a Courier Fee to send you the original docs by courier. There is no charge for mailing your original docs.

    We will email your our invoice once your car is customs released and you can pay us by cash OR credit card.

    There is a 3% disbursement fee for payments by credit card.

    Please feel free to contact me for further procedure or if you have any questions.

    Best Regards,

    Jaclyn Yee, CCS

    Certified Customs Specialist.

    ACGI Shipping Inc.

    Customs Brokerage Department

    Suite 1100 – 900 West Hastings Street

    Vancouver, BC V6C 1E5
    Jaclyn was really nice and she helped answer some questions I had despite me not using their service. I could not find any information or track the boat coming into New West so I had to ask ACGI as to when the boat really arrived, and they were able to provide me with the answer.

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    Bumping an old thread here, but I thought I would provide some info...

    ACGI is the shipping company that NYK (the roro shipping line your car arrives on) uses to do steamship release at the WWL port in Delta (where your car arrives).

    Steamship release is basically a “OK” from the shipping line (NYK) saying the terms of the shipping contract (move your car from Japan to Canada, on RORO vessel, for xxx US dollars, etc etc) have been fulfilled. WWL will not release your car without the “OK - aka steamship release) from ACGI on behalf of NYK.

    Your BOL is already on file with ACGI because it’s forwarded to them from NYK in order for them to release your car. You may not want to use their customs brokerage, but you are already using their services when your car gets put on a NYK vessel (and they could very well be the shipping agent for other lines as well).

    I gave their brokerage service a try a few years ago and was very pleased with it. The broker fee is also the lowest I’ve found.
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