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    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the market to buy a set of coilovers and wheels for my GC8. I had a few questions:

    1. Assuming stock suspension, what are the minimum specifications for a set of wheels to not rub?
    2. What affordable coilovers would y'all recommend?
    3. Assuming the new coilovers, are there specific Subaru models that I can check for compatibility with a GC8 (e.g. purchasing a 2002 WRX exhaust fits on my GC8).

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    I guess I'll try bumping this topic. I kinda want some input on this purchase since it'll be quite costly

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    Hey Kuma sorry I missed this one!

    I really don't think rubbing will be an issue with most rims as long as you are going 16" +.
    I've used TEINs before on my old Aristo they were a fantastic used set. I have RSRs (barely used) on the Celsior and they are a bit noisy and ride is rougher than expected.

    I have heard fairly good things about the cheaper Megan Racing coilovers. The question is do you really need coilovers as your ride quality could be improved with a minor drop and aftermarket springs and/or shocks.

    I believe GD suspension will probably fit fine the GC8 but otherwise the USDM 1999 Impreza should be a perfect match if you are in doubt.
    Seems like our friends on Nasioc say 2002 WRX-2005 STi USDM should fit fine:

    pretty much any suspension 02-04wrx/sti will fit on a gc8 once you get to 05-06 sti things change, i am not sure bout 05-up wrx however

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    I've been trying to look for parts that are around $1000, but they are nearly impossible to find with all the import fees (from US) and they're nowhere to be found in Calgary for a decent price (depending on the brand).

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