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Thread: How has the JDM and USDM NSX held its value so well?

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    That's true, you really have to love the NSX to want it although I think it is a timeless classic. The other good thing to know is that it will probably hold its value and increase over time.

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    I think it's the looks is what puts the NSX over the top.

    The NSX is about as fast as GT-Rs, ZR1s, FDs, and maybe M3s of the same year but it looks like a supercar. So it kind of enjoys this unchallenged status as an entry level supercar that people unable to afford Lamborghinis, Ferraris or what have you can. That, and it also was the only thing from Japan at the time to have that low, aerodynamic 2 seater supercar look, therefore fans of Japanese cars may consider it the ultimate Japanese car. Plus it really is a fantastically engineered machine, and according to every account i've ever heard about it, it handles like a dream and has plenty of power.

    Plus at the beginning of the 90's before the F355 it was faster than Ferrari's entry level car (348) for a fraction of the price. And the testarossa was a giant landboat, not that it was slow, 12 cylinders will get you far, but I would personally prefer to drive an NSX. So really it was a car that broke into the supercar market, but still retained the attainability of a honda making it desirable for a lot of enthusiasts.
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