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Thread: Celica ST205 GTFour & WRC Questions

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    Default Celica ST205 GTFour & WRC Questions

    What are the key differences between the two models?

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    How much power does it produce? I've read 255HP and other sources quote "between 220-230HP" which is pretty strange.

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    Out of Japan, all ST205s are rated to 255HP @ 6000rpm. No power difference from the "regular" GT-Four to the WRC model.

    Key features to the WRC model besides the limited build numbers were the obvious rear high spoiler with "GT-Four" riser blocks, small hood mounted spoiler behind the washer nozzles, all of the plumbing required to activate anti-lag and a spray bar for front intercooler water spray. The water spray and anti-lag systems were not hooked up at the factory but were present in the WRCs offered for sale to allow Toyota to enter the ST205 in the World Rally Circuit. The water spray was hooked into the headlight washers on Euro WRCs so I'm interested to see how it is done on the JDM model which do not offer headlight washers.

    WRCs were only available in the '94 build year and I would expect good examples to become super rare (even more than they are now) after 2009. RC models of the ST185 have become nearly fished out from the Japan market.

    There was a larger difference between the regular ST185 GT-Four and the special homolgmation "RC" model including power.

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    Thanks for clearing that up ZenAutoWorks.

    I'm sure for Celica fans this model will be a must just due to the rarity.

    From an outside perspective, I don't really see any functional benefit in performance (but I do like the larger spoiler's look) over the standard model, at least out of the factory. It would be cool if someone were to take advantage of the anti-lag and waterspray capabilities, but it's a shame that at least waterspray wasn't standard from the factory.

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