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Thread: 2018 - Are Exporters in Japan any more honest or better than before?

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    Cool 2018 - Are Exporters in Japan any more honest or better than before?

    I just thought I'd post this after talking to a lot of Exporters lately. I found most of them right away were dishonest or deceptive even though I openly explained I run this site and have been familiar with the auctions.

    Another trend I've noticed is that almost all companies who employ foreigners tend to be more rude and more likely to scam you. There are also lots of big companies in Japan who 100% outsource their customer service to the Philippines, Pakistan, India etc... even though you call a Japanese number and they call you from one, often these guys are just people trying to make a commission at any cost.

    One funny example is a for now (unnamed company) tried to sell me a car with the wrong engine and when confronted they just ignored the complaint and kept trying to sell me any crap they could in stock. The same company also gave me 3 different price quotes for fees between a phone call and e-mail.

    Another trend is that many companies don't post their fees and don't like to answer questions about it but will push you to purchase or make a deposit.

    Make no doubt about it, but these recent experiences reminds me that the car industry in Japan will always be quite dirty and that even seasoned members should be extra cautious especially with USS sold prices being inaccessible to us now (we have probably returned to the old days of scams where normal auction cars are randomly marked up even without negotiation). It's why I started this site in the first place (IBC Japan and there are many like them and worse than them today).

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    That's why I'm here now - to hopefully not be one of the scammed consumers. And that starts with knowing as much as possible about this industry. And if I find it too risky, it's not like there aren't thousands of cars for sale at any given time. I try to see who is honest and forthright, although one can never know the source of rave reviews. I'm rather cynical that way.
    So far, thanks for exposing Pacific Auto Exporters. They(he) were on my consideration list until I came across your lawsuit and judgment against him. So, now not having access to 'sold' prices now, have made your lawsuit impossible to pursue?
    I'm in no hurry to buy a car, and will be doing so as a car to have when I go back to Canada for months at a time. I did look at a few cars at Velocity Cars in Burnaby, BC, and this was the start of my search for a JDM car. The appeal of low mileage, and overall lack of corrosion is my main appeal for a JDM car. Also, some are just very unique, and fun cars to drive/own. I ended up buying a local E320 instead, but have since sold that, and starting my search again.

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