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Thread: Going to Japan again in Jan19 anybody up for it?

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    Default Going to Japan again in Jan19 anybody up for it?

    I know it's a pretty random question but few of us from Ireland are planning on going back to Japan in Jan19 for three weeks, just looking to see if anybody from here was interested in going? We covered alot in the 12 days we were there back in Jan16 fresh meet in odaiba, kanjo civic meet in osaka tokyo-nagoya-osaka-tokyo we went to TAS (tokyo auto salon) daikoku pa,tatsumi pa, fuji speedway,mcr factory,toyota museum,tec arts and j's racing etc

    Any interest?

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    Hey Joe I cannot believe I missed this. Are you still headed to Japan?
    Please be sure to get us lots of pics and keep us updated if you do!

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    Hey! Any recommendations for places to go to see cars and to buy car parts? Will be going there this April!

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