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    Default Translation help?

    I have JDM nav on my Celsior and it would be nice if I could get a little help in the translation?

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    Maybe I can add links this way.
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    Please anyone?
    Celsior 2000

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    Sorry for missing this and welcome to the forums Fin! Nice looking Celsior you have there!
    This would be helpful I have a Celsior too but never got anything translated. Are you trying to do specifically? For example if you wanted to set the time I made a quick guide here.

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    I already use that guide to set time thanks for that.

    At the moment it would be nice to know can I change some settings so that it would not automatically switch to the navigator at startup. Because I can not use nav anyway because of Japan maps.

    I noticed that android phone google translate is really useful and I use it e.g. when some cryptic error message appeared in cars speedometer.

    Just out of curiosity do you know how many 3rd Gen Celsiors is there in Canada?

    In Finland I think there is only about 3-5 3rd Gen Celsiors.
    Celsior 2000

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    I wish I knew the same about the navi and the annoying message about inserting a navigation DVD!
    In Canada there are quite a few Celsiors for sure. I have seen dozens but estimate at least several hundred.

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