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    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering about brakes as I am in the need of a new set. Now, I wanted to upgrade my brakes but I was wondering which brakes from USDM models were compatible with our cars (stock 16" wheels).

    In addition, if the above isn't available, would you kindly tell me what year/model I can buy rotors+pads from?

    Rear: Single pot
    Front: 2 pot

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm fairly certain the standard 1994 USDM Legacy Turbo Sport rotors and pads should fit just fine but I cannot be 100% sure at least in the front.
    I highly recommend Centric brakepads they are super cheap but very high quality and have massive stopping power over stock or most other pads I've used (at least the metallic versions)

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    Thanks! Will look into those rear brakes then. I need to figure out the fronts because it seems I can't find a definitive resource to tell me which parts will fit. I really don't want to have to go through buying multiple parts and end up with a garage filled with brake parts looking for compatible replacements...

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