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Thread: Is it normal for a car to sell and popup again a week later at a different auction?

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    Default Is it normal for a car to sell and popup again a week later at a different auction?

    As the title says is that normal? The car sold for the average price one would.

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    Maybe once but if you keep seeing the car there may be something wrong with it. It could be the owner tried their luck with a different auction house or the buyer is trying to make a profit by reselling at auction.

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    Its been put up a third time but hasnt had any bids the last 2 times

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    Hey Mike I just had this car checked into. The problem with USS is that you cannot see anything now not even the price or if there were bids and how much the maximum was if the car was not sold.

    First of all auction translation (no apparent faults-note that I have seen a lot of cracked dashes on the BL5 models for some reason):

    C-WEST body kit, aftermarket 18 inch rims, front grille, shift knob, muffler, HID headlights, and trunk spoiler, inspection:dashboard cracked, right front fender cover missing, some stain, some scratches and dents on the body


    First sold at Kansai Matsubara auction house July 5th for 280K.
    Then the buyer sent it to USS Osaka on July 13th and was not sold.

    Today, it was not sold at 213K (buyers maximum bid did not meet reserve) and negotiation starts at 330K (you know what I say about negotiations though )

    Bottom line

    I hope one of our members scoops this car for a reasonable price. 5MT in these cars is rare and it is definitely a unique car!

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    If i had the money I'd buy it, remove that silly stripe and sell the c-west kit.

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