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Thread: Shipping from Nagoya to Montreal

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    Default Shipping from Nagoya to Montreal

    I'm looking for shipping quotes from nagoya and or tokyo to Montreal and I can't seem to find anything could someone direct me to where I could get one, I don't wanna go though and importer because I wanna learn the process myself the only quotes I've been able to get is to Vancouver and I don't want that cause I'm in Ottawa, thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the forums based on your name am I right in guessing you have or will be getting something a 2JZ-GTE like Aristo or Supra?
    The reason you can't find shipping to Montreal is because you are probably looking at RORO estimates and the only RORO ports we have are New Westminster and Halifax. Your best bet honestly would be RORO to Halifax and then Inland shipping to Ottawa or you could do container somewhere in Ottawa or to Montreal.

    Do you have a car already purchased sitting in Nagoya or looking at stock that is in Nagoya already? I was and am still the same way it feels good to learn and do all of this on your own!

    If you need any help let me know and if you haven't found a car we have Sponsors who can help you (including me).

    Cheers, good luck and please keep us updated and your car no matter where you purchase from!

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    Haha yeah I have a 2jz gte swapped is300 and I'm looking at a 180 in nagoya but also any other cars i can find for sale for decent price and I'm just wondering if it would be cheaper to just pay for a 40 footer and stack a few cars in it or just RORO them to Halifax and then land transport them back because i know land transport can be more costly than just paying for it to go to MTL and then I drive them back with a few buddies.

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