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Thread: Question about tuning a r32 GTR

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    Default Question about tuning a r32 GTR

    I am having a really nightmare experience importing my skyline but more on that later.
    Could I ask you guys if you think itís important to have the right exhaust on for tuning or could I get away with whatís on the car now to tune it knowing I will be swapping it out for a Tomei by the end of the month.
    Thanks in advance

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    Hey Jay welcome to the forums, congrats on the R32 coming in and sorry to hear about trouble with the import. Please feel free to share the details and we'll try to help you out.

    I'm not a tuning expert but if you are going to be swapping out your exhaust next month I would wait. Now if you are just talking about the muffler it probably won't make much difference but if you are talking full turboback it will affect your boost levels enough to be significant IMHO that I would not want to mess around with tuning for your current back pressure vs after the Tomei.

    Please make us a new thread with pics too and info about your R32 GTR!

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    One more thing I'm guessing you might know but the early R32 GTR's are known to have an oil pump issue that is mainly an issue if you bounce off the rev limiter and drive a lot at high RPMs (it could starve your engine of oil).

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