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    Hi guys I’m having major problems getting my car back on the road v1 jdm Subaru Impreza it’s been off the road for 18 months with this . Long story so sorry I’m advance. 1st it cut out on me on the motorway, couldn’t get it to start again I suspected alarm and immobilizer as water had been getting In the alarm lol. Had a new one fitted and the electrician found a blown main fuse in the engine bay replaced that started again yippee but engine light on gettin codes for
    Maf, idle control valve, injector 4, boost solenoid, map sensor. So I replaced the whole lot still exactly the same so I started checking wires found some bad connections at the ecu. Sorted them out and managed to loose the maf code and injector code. Still got the others tho so I replaced ecu still the same I e put a new wiring loom in from front to back of the car tried another ecu and still getting codes again 23 44 45 I don’t no what else to do it’s had all new sensors new idle control valve new maf wiring harness fuse board in the engine bay. Any help really appreciated
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    Welcome I had a V1 93 WRX RA myself.
    Try cleaning your BCS and check the electrics.
    Spray some mist around all of the plastic bits and couplers to look for an airleak.

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