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Thread: Project daily/weekend warrior - ST205 GT-Four

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    Default Project daily/weekend warrior - ST205 GT-Four

    Hey there JDMVIP I joined fairly recently as I have a 96 GT-Four coming in this week to Canada and thought I'd share some pics out of excitement.



    Having never seen this paint code on a st205 before, I did some research and found out the name is Blue Slate Metallic (183).
    As far as I know from auction sheets and my agents:

    - Car is completely stock aside from a boost gauge, head unit, and aftermarket 16" rims
    - Auction Grade 4 (160km, no major dents/scratches, no rust)
    - Sunroof

    First order of business is basic preventative maintenance to ensure reliability as I do plan on keeping this car for a while (at least until it becomes legal in the U.S).

    Will regularly update the car as soon it comes in! Thanks for viewing!

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    Welcome! Beautiful GT4, love the color.
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    Hey Gray welcome to the forums and congrats on the ST205 I haven't seen any around for awhile nor have many been talking about them! Please keep us updated and good on you for keeping this ride well maintained.

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