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Thread: Where can i buy Used Camaro SS 2010

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    I always want a car and the Camaro has to be the best example. The concept car like exterior is a very well executed balance between retro and modern styling, capturing the essence of the old Camaro through and through. The car sits wide, wider than anything else out on the road in Japan, and for a two door coupe is extremely long, longer than the Legacy Wagon I drive on a daily basis. I have never had to concentrate on keeping a car centered on the street as much as the Camaro, the left hand drive making it even more of a challenge.
    The Camaro may work well in the US but in Japan it is not an easy car to live with. Its girth makes it a pain to park pretty much everywhere and you can forget about tackling the tighter Tokyo side streets. Fuel consumption in the city is not its forte, returning 4.5~5 km/L in the painfully slow (25 km/h 15.5 mph average) stop-and-go Tokyo traffic. Out on the highway the big motor does better, managing to return as much as 9 km/L when driven responsibly, not something that is easy to do when you have all that power at your disposal can't wait to have the car again and again

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    Hey Robert welcome cool so you live in Tokyo? I guess you're there for work or business? Please sure some pics.
    I can help source a Camaro from auction PM me if you need some help. Either way pics from Tokyo would be much appreciated

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