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Thread: Side Marker Light and DRL Solution, 2003 SG5 Forester

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    Default Side Marker Light and DRL Solution, 2003 SG5 Forester

    As I have now passed inspection in BC, I thought I would pass along how I got there for my 03 SG5. I didn't really take any photos but I might have some that I can attach later.

    After speaking with the garage I determined that I definitely needed side marker lights, DRL of course, and reflectors.


    After much reading on the forum and around the web I decided to jump the relay on the headlights. Much to my chagrin, when I fired up the car and lights, I got nothing. Turns out I also lost all my dash indicator lights. Luckily one of the 10A fuses blew (comb. meter I think). I didn't fully troubleshoot the issue as right away I realized my car had HID headlights and this was likely why it didn't work. As my fog lights are not HID I just jumped that relay and was good to go. Fogs are acceptable as DRL.

    Side Marker Lights

    Side markers were a bit more work. As I really didn't want to drill holes in my bumers for those little LED's many people use, I decided to take the long way around (and more expensive). The first step was to find a couple USDM headlight assemblies. Lucklily, I found a couple in really nice shape (mine were actually pretty yellowed). The USDM lights come stock with reflectors, as I am sure most people here know, and also a spot for a side marker light. I then separated the lens assembly from the headlight body for both lights (the procedure for this is on the web, just do a search). The cool thing was, the reflector is actually attached to the lens and not the body. I similarly removed the lenses from my HID lights, very carefully. The JDM HID light body molds are actually the same as the USDM models of course, but not drilled. I then drilled out the 19 mm dia. holes for the side marker lights and slotted them with a rifler file as per the USDM ones. The USDM lens, with reflectors, went on the HID light bodies and then were ready for install. Next, headed to the scrap yard, where I got a couple bulb sockets off a wreck for the side marker lights. I wired these in parallel to the parking lights, installed on the drilled and slotted holes, and then was ready to go.

    So anyway, a bit of a long explanation but no drilled holes and no crappy reflectors, albeit at a bit more cost and labor. Reflectors are not required on the rear as the lights wrap around.

    Hope this helps someone out there. If anyone has any questions, I can definitely try and help.

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    Good tip yes I believe that's what I did with my BH5 Legacy a few years ago for the DRLs (I used the fogs too- much safer than risking frying your HIDs). Side marker lights are not required as far as I know I've never needed them. You should be able to stick on front and back reflectors.

    Here is a thread linking to another one I made with some examples of other Subaru DRL:
    I used Vanmikel's on my BH5 (only one thing is that I used straight wire because the other way didn't produce a proper connection for some reason)

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    I just tried getting my 2003 Fairlady through inspection. Couple of things needed repair; front rotors, loose rear left wheel bearing, right front forward ball joint has play, and no front side marker lights. Is there any one out there that has come up with a solution for the side marker lights?

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