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Thread: 2003 Subaru Legacy GT Spec B Wagon BP5 with EJ20X Engine!

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    Default 2003 Subaru Legacy GT Spec B Wagon BP5 with EJ20X Engine!

    Hey guys so this is crazy but there were two cars I was looking to bid on. The one I decided not to bid at the last second one of cool member's GC8 got! Then hours later I bid on this guy:

    This is a 2003 Subaru Legacy GT Spec B (BP5) Wagon with 58K on the clock!
    Aside from the normal Spec B bits (not sure entirely what it means as the forums are not clear) but AFAIK it means a nicer interior, fancy racing style pedals and I'm not sure what else (someone make a huge thread if they are sure).
    As aftermarket addons it has a very stunning full kit that I couldn't resist. Aside from the nicer Spec B bumper the owner has some really aggressive looking front one, side skirts and a nice rear lip (I feel these wagons really need it and you cannot seem to find rear lips in North America for these models).

    Looking forward to checking this beast out. I cannot remember which turbo it has but I excited that it is a single and makes peak torque at just 2400RPM and even nicer these wagons don't weigh much at just 1480KG which is not bad at all compared to the 1800+KG Celsior .
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