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Thread: Info needed on Modified ecu"s/ flanges

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    Default Info needed on Modified ecu"s/ flanges

    Hey guys, Ive been working on my 92 JZZ30 and ran across a used turbo setup. What I bought is a Greddy FMIC, two Trust TD05-16G with two 50mm HKS wastegates, GTR Fuel Pump, 650cc Injectors, and a Gyoda (YellowHat) modded ecu for 5mt.

    The FMIC is in, and the custom divorced manifolds are done. Wastegates are mounted. I still need to fabricate a Y-pipe to exhaust the two turbos. I cant seem to find those flanges that match up to the back of these mitsubishi turbos. Does anyone know where to buy these? They are the round ones with three bolt holes.

    Here is the biggest problem, the ecu I bought is for the manual trans. Mine is an auto. This ecu is set up and tuned specificly to run this setup. Is it possible to swap the piggyback chip then put in to my auto ecu? The mods seem to be contained in the chipset they put in on top of the factory board. I know its a shot in the dark, but I'm hoping someone has tinkered with these ecu's?

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    I would advise you to ask Scott Ferguson at the Canadian Corner on or Mike Thomas at the Soarer Lounge on Facebook. Either of these guys will be able to get these questions solved for you.

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    Sorry this is too far out of my league to even comment on too.

    I would only say that it could be risky playing around with the ECU like that unless you have a real pro who knows what they're doing.

    Let us know what you find though and good luck with it.

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    I'm pretty sure it won't work, unfortunately. But if you figure out a way please let us know.

    Hows the car coming anyway, I haven't talked with you for awhile.

    I'm trying to scrounge up enough cash to get an intercooler installed now. but it probably won't happen this year. I'm not recession proof.

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