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Thread: 2002 Honda Civic Type R EP3

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    Red face 2002 Honda Civic Type R EP3

    Hello everyone,

    Here is my 2002 Honda Civic Type R EP3 i imported into Canada this year. I've owned an EP3 SiR in the past and this was a night and day difference! I am hoping this post helps find potential previous owners of my car, as it changed hands around 3 times (possibly more) while in Japan. It has been put away for the winter time, planning on keeping it all original and babying it for as long as i own the car.


    Glad to be part of this forum!

    CHASSIC: EP3-1001721
    SOLD AT: USS TOKYO (MARCH 16, 2018)
    Arrival into Halifax (May 15, 2018)

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    Welcome to jdmvip! Beautiful SIR, looks to be in immaculate condition. Finding the previous owners may be quite challenging, but can happen. Do you have any documentations that were in the car? Like owners manual or receipts? Sometimes previous owners will leave a business card from where the car was purchased originally in the owners manual. You might be able to trace back from there.
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    Welcome and congrats on the nice EP3 Type R! Your Export Cert in Japanese should contain the last owner info.

    Please keep the pics and info coming!

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    Have you found anymore information regarding previous ownership ?
    2017 Civic Type R FK8 R-01546
    1996 Honda Integra XI J Series Swap ITR Clone

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    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry for being quiet for the past months. I've been trying to comply some more information and I have found out from now where my car came from and a brief history of it. I've discovered more than I had expected so here is the timeline so far:



    Feburay 2016

    Gulliver (Toyokawa) blog posting created about my car being available (

    6 days later, car is posted at auction under "Ippasu Stock". It was unsold.

    March 2016

    Car appears at USS Nagoya, about an hour drive from Gulliver. Sold on March 4 2016. No reported auction history of the car until the next year.

    September 2017

    Car travels from Nagoya to relocate in Tokyo West. Ends up at a dealership called "Kiri Navi Co. LTD". If you Google "EP3-1001721" you will come across the ad posting to this day. Judging by the KM difference, whoever had the car put on close to 12,000km in that time period.

    March 2018

    15th, I bid on the Civic and end up winning the car.
    27th, Car arrives at Yokohama Port to be exported to Halifax. It leaves port on the 7th of April. Arrives into Halifax on May 15, 2018.

    June 2018

    Arrive to pick up the car at the Halifax Port. The excitement is unreal, I've spent three months tracking this car down just to finally see it in person. I previously could see it from a long distance when it arrived back in May as well.

    A good friend of mine filmed the experience of picking it up on YouTube (

    "How do you find all of this information?

    Best way I found was using various keywords. I started with my Chassis number in Google which lead me to the Tokyo advert. I also used a website called ( and for $12 CAD it will tell you your car history up to ten years. This is where I was able to target for the most part where it came from. Of course it more than likely swapped hands prior to that timeframe, but for now I have a basic understanding where to target next.

    I will also be at this year's SpeedSport with the Type R on the showfloor with JDMVIP.
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    This is so cool! Thank you so much for sharing. I didn't know you could pay $12 to get history up to ten years, very neat.

    Can't wait to see this in person at Speed Sport 2019
    2017 Civic Type R FK8 R-01546
    1996 Honda Integra XI J Series Swap ITR Clone

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