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Thread: Subaru Legacy BP5/BL5 GT Spec B Differences vs non Spec-B?

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    Default Subaru Legacy BP5/BL5 GT Spec B Differences vs non Spec-B?

    I haven't found any solid info on what the difference is. Some sites say it has the Bilstein suspension yet these seem to be found in all the non-Spec B's. I know the "fancy racing style pedals" are a Spec B thing for sure.

    In terms of the exterior the Spec B's also have a nicer more aggressive front bumper as well and of course the nice 18" rims.

    Some say front and rear sway bars and aluminum control arms are a difference. Some others say the Spec B ECU/tune is different and improved over non Spec-B.

    If anyone has any solid info or guesses I'd like to know it!

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    From what I read on Japanese forums, SpecB have 18” wheels vs 17” on the non models as well as the Billstein suspension which is lower and sportier.

    Do the other models have the Billstein probably because the former owners wanted the sportier look and feel after the fact?

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    I got a spec B and it looks like it's basically just aluminum control arms and bilsteins. My car also has a limited slip in the rear dif, not sure if that's standard. I don't think there's any more power, the maps look the same in my brief explorations. According to my auction agent, the spec B's are comparatively rare, and manual cars only make up 10% of all BP legacies so they command a premium.

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    I'm still learning the ins-and-outs of my new Spec B, and here's what I know so far compared to what's discussed above; it's also got aluminum control arms and bilsteins. I've got the 5-speed auto with sport shift, and the racing pedals. I've got and STI front lip and STI strut brace (not sure if factory or aftermarket).

    Here's a pic, so you can see a bit of the front end, and the 18" wheels.

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