Hey guys I read that our Subaru's have some very strange central locking!

Basically sometimes my key fob in the Legacy does not work. For example a few nights ago it locked with the key FOB but wouldn't work (maybe battery on the FOB is going bad). I thought no problem I'll just open the door with the key (all of them) normally moving the key to the unlock position twice should do it in most cars but it doesn't seem so in Subaru's .

I opened the door and the alarm went off until magically the FOB worked again to unlock and disable the alarm. I also read that putting the key in the ignition will stop the alarm.
I've read if your key FOB doesn't work that you could be in the driver's seat and lock everything, then manually unlock the driver's side door, exit, lock it with the key and all should be well.

Does anyone have any better info about these issues?