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Thread: 2002 WRX importing to BC

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    Default 2002 WRX importing to BC

    Okay I've been thinking I might go through BPro in a month or two to get a WRX bugeye I've heard good things with him and have you guys have any experience with him.

    Okay my other question is the dreaded oop inspection and how to get it there. So does ICBC offer any sort of permit to drive it to the shipping yard to your house to get it ready for inspection?

    And my last question is everything I need to pass inspection. I know I need dtrl (can I leave fog lights on and call them dtlr? Or can I jump the relay to the headlights and just have the headlights on all the time?) Dot tires won't be a issue as I will be ordering a set of rims and pilot sports with the car. Now the headlights and blinkers. Since the car was available here in Canada during those years. What are the chances the JDM car will have headlights or the equivalent to pass. And will I need to install side markers on the rear? I forget if the bugeye tail lights wrap around the side.

    Thanks in advance if you can help

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    Welcome to JDMVIP!

    Yes Brian (B-Pro) is excellent to deal with, he is one of our reputable sponsors. I've personally dealt with him and had no issues.

    I can't really help answer your question regarding permits for driving from point a to b. I assume they are different for each province. I don't live in BC, I am from the east coast. JDMVIP will defiantly be able to help you out, he lives in your area.

    I personally own a STI bugeye and never changed anything light wise on my car and it passed no problem. As long as there is a visible light it will pass. ( fog, city, headlight etc..) Worse case just install a day time running module.

    Hope that helps! Please make a build thread once you buy your JDM WRX
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