Hi All "Without prejudice"

I Purchased Forester STI from Autospecs Ltd (AKA Tony) in September 2018

While on the docks (I expect holding yard) it was caught in a Typhoon and was soaked with sea water and written off. I paid for insurance and Tony duly told me it was insured. The files were sent to the insurance and after 5 months Tony has just told they refused the claim as the agent did not do something correctly and my money is lost.

I didn't file the incorrect statement and my agreement was for Autospecs to buy me a car with Insurance. Its Autospecs supplier to them has made a mistake not me.

A quote from Tony today 12Feb 2019
"We applied for and paid for insurance as per your request on the car.
The insurance company it seems has decided not to pay.
It is simply not our responsibility, although we have done our best to claim from the insurance company for you"

Is it really that unregulated in Japan? Autospecs left the car in a unprotected yard with out correct insurance cover.

This is not my first imported car, I had a GTR and some old Datsuns with other importers. I am a little shocked at Autospecs responese, anybody affected in the same way? Typhoons and or Autospecs?