Hi guys, I am going to be referring to


Page 10

"No: Is the light or reflector definitely original equipment on a vehicle type-approved to Japanese regulations for the Japanese market? If you are not sure, compare the equipment on the vehicle to pictures in original sales brochures, parts and service manuals for the vehicle. Yes: The light or reflector passes this test. Move on to the next light or reflector, or proceed to the next test. "

Does this mean JDM lights can pass VI / OOP? if the car is a Japanese Import.

I'm more specifically worried about EVO 7/8/9 Because if J Spec headlights wont pass VI/OOP I will need to shell 1300CAD for USDM DOT lights. and will need to find DOT rear lamps.

and as for reflectors for side markers could I just use something like "ifloortape DOT-SAE Amber 2" x 3.5" High Visibility Reflective Stick On Reflector"

Would be awesome if we had some locals in BC that could show me what they did for drl and reflectors

Thanks for any help.