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Thread: Subaru ATF / Power Steering Fluid for Automatic Transmissions 4AT and 5AT

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    Default Subaru ATF / Power Steering Fluid for Automatic Transmissions 4AT and 5AT

    Part Number: SOA427V1500
    Supersession(s): SOA868V9240; SOA868V9241

    I am going to be ordering some for my Legacy, it is said the OEM or Amsoil is the best for our automatic transmissions. I've noticed that my car has begun to shift a little slower and a little rough occasionally at lower gears so I think it is time to change my fluid .

    This formulation is recommended for use in 4-EAT and 5-EAT Subaru Automatic Transmissions and Subaru Power Steering Systems. Special friction modifiers help provide optimum shift quality and pump flow characteristics for steering over wide temperature ranges and long periods of use.
    Helps protect the transmission from copper corrosion and excessive wear
    Allows smooth shifting and steering in a range of temperatures
    Meets Electric Direct Control Transmission requirements
    Enables easier engine starting year-round
    Compatible with internal seals and O-rings
    Required for use in all warranty repairs

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    The cost is about $7 USD in the US but I have not checked how much it is in Canada.

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    Fluid should defiantly make a difference.
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