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Thread: Are 2003 SG5 Cross Sports headlights DoT approved?

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    Default Are 2003 SG5 Cross Sports headlights DoT approved?

    Been getting mixed messages on forums and I've been told they will pass inspection as they are but i figured i would cover my bases and post here.

    Keep in mind the cross sports has the upgraded headlights over the normal JDM XT. Would save a lot of hassle if i can avoid sourcing usdm headlights for the inspection.

    Also for side markers I've heard you can just put a reflective strip instead of replacing the jdm clear one?

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    What province are you from? Reason I ask is because my brother just imported a SG5 and his passed no problem with the factory headlights here in New Brunswick. Your saying it has upgraded headlights in the cross-sport model, what upgrades would that be? Also the clear side markers pass here, they light up amber.
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