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Thread: Raising ride height on Tein coilovers for inspection?

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    Default Raising ride height on Tein coilovers for inspection?

    Have a 2003 Forester that came lowered with Tein Flex Z, I'm told that lowered cars can't pass OOP inspection because they can't be aligned to factory specs while lowered.

    Am i going to be able to raise the Tein springs enough for this not to be an issue?

    Should i source some factory jdm struts and springs and replace the coilovers?

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    That seems a bit ridiculous, lowering suspension can always be aligned properly whether it be to factory specs or not.

    Anyhow if that is the story they are telling you, yes you can raise up Tein coil overs quite a bit. You won't be able to bring it up to "stock" height because they are lowered right from Tein.

    I wouldn't be switching over to stock suspension until you get another shop to give you a second opinion. I have always ran lowering coilovers on all my JDM vehicles, and had no issues with them being lined up.

    Why are they saying they have to be lined up to factory spec? Is it illegal to have lowered cars in your province?

    Worse case if you do need to buy factory JDM struts/springs let me know I can source those for you.

    Hope I was able to answers your questions.
    2001 CDM ITR #01-1324
    2018 Civic SI FC3

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    Awesome thanks, Yeah I got in contact with Tein and they were able to identify the coil overs which are SG5 Flex Z, luckily they are a 1.1" minimum lower on a stock forester and the Cross Sports is 1" Lower than the XT stock so I should be able to get it close.

    It's not illegal at all to have cars lowered in Saskatchewan as far as I know, I think the shops are under pressure because when I said I wanted a RHD OOP inspection they contacted SGI and the public safety inspector actually came down to our city to talk to them, downsides of a small province I guess.

    I'll definitely keep you in mind if I still get hassle and need to source some parts, I've talked to like 10 shops so far and all of them have been pretty bad when I mention its a RHD that's lowered.

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    Awesome! Those are really good coilovers.

    Ok good, I didn't think so but you never know these days what rules they change.
    2001 CDM ITR #01-1324
    2018 Civic SI FC3

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