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Thread: Where can I get exhaust for GF8 in Canada?

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    Default Where can I get exhaust for GF8 in Canada?

    Things seem quiet in here but thought I'd ask anyway.
    Looking for a cat back exhaust or turbo back
    for a 1997 Impreza wrx wagon (jdm) - GF8 - EJ20G

    Stock or quiet preferred
    I'm in Victoria, so shipping is required
    (ferry and gas ends up costing more than shipping usually)

    I've been looking on craigslist and kijiji, I found some shops in Australia with new systems but I'm guessing shipping and customs would be killer.

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    I can defiantly source one out for you. What size are you interested in?
    2001 CDM ITR #01-1324
    2018 Civic SI FC3

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    That was quick, thanks.
    Yes, please PM me if you can find a GF8 exhaust - for clarity - I have the Friday brain.

    I guess I should get under there and measure to be sure.
    From what I can find the stock one is 2.25" ID then down to 2" at the axle so stock is fine.
    It's an automatic, so I'm not looking to make more power .
    I think a 96, 97, 98 exhaust from a GC8 fits, due to same or very similar chassis size, but I haven't confirmed that.
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    Your welcome, there is always active members on the forum to help out

    Stock might be hard to come by, but I can try and find one. If not there is lots of aftermarket catbacks that sound good. For example Zerosports, fujitsubo are a couple of great sounding exhaust. They are not super loud they have really nice high flow resonators built in.

    Sent you a PM as well!
    2001 CDM ITR #01-1324
    2018 Civic SI FC3

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