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    Has anyone dealt with these guys? I'm looking to import a Mitsubishi Delica to Halifax, NS. Their website tends to have more/better pictures of cars i've found on other sites or auction lists. Most of their testimonials are one-liners with broken english.


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    I personally have not but maybe other members can chime in. If you are interested in a car from Japan and would like to import one, I highly suggest going through us directly or one of our reputable sponsors.

    Sometimes it isn't worth the risk dealing with companies that are not well known. Hope that helps, and welcome to JDMVIP!
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    I imported my car from them and it was a nightmare experience that is still ongoing. I would highly recommend you stay away. I lived in Japan for 7 years so I'm familiar with the pros and cons of dealing with these types of companies, if you want to know the details feel free to pm me.

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