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Thread: Importing a 15-yr old JDM as a new Permanent Resident - Anyone with experience?

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    Default Importing a 15-yr old JDM as a new Permanent Resident - Anyone with experience?

    Hey folks, has anyone had any experience importing an age-exempt (15-yr old) JDM vehicle into Canada, as a new Permanent Resident?

    My fiance just got her PR Visa approved, and as a newcomer to Canada you are permitted to import your personal vehicle duty-free (and tax free), as long as it meets the other standard vehicle importing rules (which from Japan, must be an age-exempt vehicle). I have 2 questions:

    1) How does the whole duty-free thing work with the typical "auction-export" process? My apologies as I'm new to this entire topic, including the auction/export business. My understanding is that for us non-Japanese citizens, the typical procedure for importing a JDM car involves contacting an auction/export agent in Japan who would source our vehicle of choice, purchase it through auction, then facilitate the export process to our respective home countries. But what happens if you are a Japanese citizen immigrating to Canada, and would like to purchase a 15-yr old vehicle before leaving (either through used car dealership or auction), and then export it to your new home country? Is the export company / agent familiar with separating out the duties and arranging their exemption because of your new resident status?

    2) Is it more cost effective to buy a car at auction and then export, or find one yourself at the local used-car lots in Japan and find an exporter? My fiance has the enviable position of living in Japan at the moment, where she has already seen a number of cars in person and test driven them from used car lots. I guess that's the one benefit of buying one from a used car lot - you can see and test it yourself. It's something you probably can't do if it's acquired through auction... but I imagine the better agents will do the testing for you. Still, I'd like to know which route would cost more?

    Sorry if these seem like dumb questions.... I really appreciate any help you folks can provide!


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    Check your Canada's motor vehichles as removal goods policy, that is a tax excempt, you won't pay a single peny but they will only ask for the value of the car and a little known clause in that policy that it must be registered to the owner for x number of months.

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