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Thread: Does Shaken require a timing belt change?

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    Default Does Shaken require a timing belt change?

    I picked up a 2003 Subaru Forester with 101k km and the broker says he doesn't know if the timing belt was done. Since I'm right on the recommended change interval I'm not really sure where to go from here.

    Does Shaken usually force a timing belt change? Did i get unlucky with the mileage? Basically trying to avoid a 1000$ job if i don't need it done.

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    I would do it honestly, better be safe then sorry. If it was done it usually would stay on the timing covers. Check that first then decide.
    My brother just did his belt and it was only $400 from rockauto.
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    I popped the cam cover and the center had rips in it but there was two outer lines that were fine? Never seen a timing belt like this. Either way I'm getting it replaced, hopefully it survives the hour drive to a place that can do the jdm stuff properly.

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