-12k (including spare stuff, see below). Willing to sell without wheels. Reason for sale is this car just sits, id rather see it go to a home where it can be driven more frequently. Cash only, only trades pertained would be a clean title 4wd toyota pickup/4runner + cash on your end. Willing to work with a serious buyer on price a little (not accepting offers for 8.5k, even without wheels).
-Located an hour east of Sacramento.
-Mileage is 119k; tags are good till March 2020.
-Clean title in hand; no accidents. No rust.
- I am the second owner of this car (third if you count the Lexus dealer I bought it from); I bought it on 12/24/2015. Car came from Virginia, 1st owner moved to the bay area and sold it to Marin Lexus. Car had 114k when i bought it.
-I will smog it once I find a committed buyer.
-Car is a factory manual (not swapped); these are very hard to find in factory manual in a sport design trim with this color interior.
-Does not leak any fluids.
-Comes with spare key fob and valet key.
-I have a short build thread i can provide if interested.

Here is what is different on the sport design versus a regular trim IS300:
-Headlights. The backing pieces are smoke/black (stocks are chrome).
-Taillights. The backing pieces are silver (stocks are also chrome).
-Sport design grill with smoked Lexus “L”.
-Ash grey leather interior; alabaster metallic exterior. Most of the 04 sportdesigns ive seen have black/base interior.
-Torsen LSD.
-Slightly larger exhaust tip.
-Sport design logos on front fenders.
-Sport design color carpet and branded floormats.

Under Hood:
-100% stock 2jzge. No codes, has always started up without trouble.
-Battery is 3-4 mos old.
-Figs clutch damper delete.

-No sticky dash.
-The only major flaw is the rip on the butt pad of the driver’s seat (very common in IS300s for whatever reason).
-Everything works (including heated seats), except for the CD player. It will not spit out the deftones and van halen CD that is in there. You’re welcome.
-Can turn traction control off with the push of a button and snow mode (lol).
-Does not have Navigation. I do not believe this was an option for the sportdesign.
-AC works great. Heated seats in front.

Drive Train:
-Stock w55. Great condition. Does not grind in any gears.
-Techna-Fit Stainless steel clutch line.
-Figs clutch damper device delete v2.
-New clutch installed at 114k by Marin Lexus.
-Torsen LSD has new redline fluid in it (about 1k mi).

Suspension: Every single piece of suspension on this car has been replaced, except for the sways and sway bushings. Other than the sway bushings, this car has NO RUBBER on the suspension components. Every polyurethane bushing is rated at 90 ShA.

Coilovers: BC BR coilovers with extreme low option; 12/10k spring rate. You can get the regular lower mounts if you don’t want the extreme low option. These can still go lower, if you wish to do so. I have confirmed with BC you can go +/- 4K before a revalve is needed. No that is not a typo, yes +/- 4K (not 2K). These have about 4k on them.

FRONT (everything below has about 2k miles on it):

-The spindles have been professionally shortened and braced 30mm by a very popular JZX tuner/fab guy in BC. These are shortened and braced the same way PBM does theirs. I researched for months to find someone I could trust to do this (before PBM offered their services). I have the stock spindles as well.
-KFD adjustable front upper control arm.
-Strong flex LCA, caster/tension arm, and steering rack poly bushings.
-Timken OE bearings installed (made in japan); new retainers and seals as well.
-ARP extended wheel studs.
-Megan roll center adjusters (30mm).
-Moog premium tie rod ends and lower ball joints (with zerk fittings for servicing).
-The spindle was stripped after they were shortened to get rid of any lingering surface rust on the bottom. Recoated with new paint. The hubs were sandblasted and coated with a high temp paint. The only parts reused were the actual spindle itself and the hub. Everything else was replaced.

REAR (everything below has about 1k miles on it):
-KTS adjustable rear upper control arm (same company that used to make silkroad stuff I believe).
-Ikeya Formula lower control arm.
-Battle version toe and track arms.
-Strong flex subframe (front and rear), diff pinion, diff cover, and trac arm knuckle side poly bushings.
-Figs engineering weld in subframe/diff plate brace (weldable primer on backside to prevent rust).
-Figs engineering rear lower knuckle spherical bearing (connects to LCA).
-Xcessive billet subframe braces (with the additional 4 weld in gussets).
-ARP extended wheel studs.
-Timken OE bearings installed (made in japan); new retainers and seals as well.
-Factory torsen LSD with new redline fluid in it.
-Any surface rust/scratches on the subframe were stripped and recoated prior to installation. Same goes for diff.
-The hubs were sandblasted and coasted with a high temp paint (same as front).
-Brand new OEM Toyota halfshaft to stub shaft bolts (those that know, know).
-Every single consumable part on this rear end was replaced, except for the diff itself (works great), and the halfshafts. There are no tears or leaks on the halfshafts, so I made the call not to replace them.

-Body is very straight with a couple of minor dings. Paint is original; color is alabaster metallic. Not a respray. Small scuffs here and there.
-De-badged rear trunk. There is no residue or discoloring.
-Rays 57 xtreme 18x9.5 +22; face clears all big brake calipers (yes, even ISF 6 brembos); never been curbed, no bends, or repaired cracks. Matte graphite. Great condition.
-Tires are nankang NS20s; 225/35/18; fronts have about 2000 miles on them. Rears need to be replaced (I have 2 brand new, never mounted 595s in the same size that I can include if price is right).
-Muteki SR48 open ended lug nuts all corners; with wheel key.
-Cheap ebay stubby carbon antenna. I may still have the OEM antenna.
-All of the glass is the original OEM Toyota/Lexus glass. Not mix and match.
-Sport design headlights and tail lights are in fantastic condition. Fronts have very minimal haze. Neither the front or rear leak.
-Sunroof works great.

Here are some of the issues with the car:
-The car needs an alignment. Ive gotten it as close as I can.
-The hood/front bumper has small chips near the front (normal for a 15 y/o car that has never been resprayed). Also has scuffs and a couple of scratches throughout.
-The CD player does not work (radio does), and the tear in the driver’s seat.
-There is no information if the 90k timing belt and water pump was done. The PO did take it to the dealer for serving, but I could not find any information on the car fax or the maint records section in the owner’s manual for timing belt and water pump.
-Fenders were rolled so there is some paint crack on the inside of the fender wells. There is also a very small crease on the passenger front fender.
-the first owner put a roof rack on it. There is some door rubber trim missing where the rack mounts went. When the door is closed you dont see it.
-It still has the spare sport design wheel on the trunk. Although you cannot actually use the wheel because the stock lug nut design actually presses into the wheel itself. Its weird. The rest of the stuff in the trunk is there (jack, etc.).

Here are some extras the car will come with if my asking price is met:

-IS350 caliper adapters. Allows you to run the much lighter 4 pot IS350 calipers. Your rotor size goes from 11.65 to 13.1 inches. You can also run the GS350 f sport calipers (with floating 14” rotors), or the ISF 6 pot calipers.
-2x figs jack jaws. Helps the frame rails when putting on a lift.
-2x brand new 595s in 225/35/18.
-Stock front spindles and hubs (I bought a spare set to shorten to minimize the downtime).
-Stock springs and struts (all 4 corners).
-Rear LCAs and trac arms. Everything else got thrown away as the pickle fork destroyed the ballpoint covers when removing.

please PM me for more pics. i dont have 5 posts, so its not allowing me to post links.