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Thread: Questions regarding inspection, finding parts, and importing cost?

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    Default Questions regarding inspection, finding parts, and importing cost?

    I've been interested in wanting to import a 1999-2002 Subaru Legacy B4 RSK AWD either a manual or a automatic, but I would need to find insurance here in Ontario at a reasonable price before I process to get one, but I do have a few questions regarding Daytime Running Light DRL to pass inspection and I have a general idea what needs to be done on a car once arrives here but I never worked on cars before so I need to know how to work on one just to keep the cost down and where to get parts from, for example spark plugs, Valve Cover Gaskets, Coolant/oil filter change, the only thing I know how to replace is rotors/brake pads, and I definitely need new tires to pass inspection. Also the cost of importing a JDM car from Japan to Canada Ontario, I'm not sure which importer to go with to asked question regarding pricing, vehicle I wanted. I'm looking to spent hopefully just under 7k once arrives to my home town before taxes, registering, and parts.

    Also, whats the best safest and cheapest way to transport a imported vehicle to Ontario, by train, semi transport, or driving the vehicle back to your province with temp registration and insurance?

    If I miss any importation or needed me to be more specific on anything that I asked, please let me know thanks.
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    Great choice! The B4 Legacy are a great daily driver and quick with the twin turbo. As for DRL some garages will pass the car without but if not you can buy a kit to install or make it so your fog lights stay on when you start your vehicle.

    Most parts you can buy locally, you just need to cross reference the parts numbers from this site.
    My brother has a Legacy B4 and he was able to get everything for maintaining the vehicle at the local part shops or

    As for the cost of importing it all depends which exporter/importer you choose and how much a car will sell for at auction. Get in contact with us directly or one of our reputable sponsors. Brian at b-pro, William JDM connection or Mark brave auto all of them are great to deal with and can get you into the car you want and answer any questions you have.

    Hope that helps and welcome to JDMVIP!!!
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