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Thread: New Brunswick, Canada (Oromocto) Car regustration

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    Default New Brunswick, Canada (Oromocto) Car regustration

    Good day,

    I am new on this forum. Looking to get my first RHD vehicle. I have everything figured out when it would get to port in Halifax.

    Once it would get there Iím lost. What is the procedure, can I drive the car home and register after? And says 6600$ landed at Halifax. Do I pay more taxes to register?

    Thank you!

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    You can drive the car home if you'd like, but I suggest towing. You will need insurance and a temp transit if you do plan on driving it. You will pay more taxes at DMV on the price you paid for the car at auction. Landed price just means to the port, does not include your fees to get it transferred into your name at DMV. Hope that helps, and welcome to the forums.
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    So did you get your car? How was the process on going to pick it up at the port and registering it?

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    Great content. thanks for sharing

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