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    Hello fellow VIP's
    Joined this forum as it looks like the best place for a JDM education. Recently picked up my first Subaru, a 99 Legacy GTB and have been getting to know the car and having fun so far. Unfortunately have a bit of an issue... ok a big issue... my only coded key has gone missing or should I say a swim, anyway it is gone. I'm looking for any information that anyone can provide on options for replacing/programming a new key. My local dealership and locksmith were no help. I do have access to the vehicle as I had just installed an aftermarket keyless entry (the key I had was not working and tried everything to program it).

    Any help is appreciated

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    This may be a tough one! I know it is hard to source keys/fobs from Japan after the car is already exported. I had the same issue with my old Honda SIR-S. What type of key is it? Can you post up a picture. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the reply rhd, as it turns out the key ended up not being an immobilizer key so no need to program it. I was just going on what a service agent and jdm enthusiast was telling me. I managed to find someone local that was parting out a B4, same year as mine, so I acquired and swapped out the ignition switch, they had the key so I'm able to get rolling again. Now I just have to decide what to do about the door locks.
    There is a 4 digit number printed on the illumination ring, does anyone know if that might be a key code identifier that could be used to have a dealer make a key ?

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