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    As much as I've enjoyed driving this car I have decided to sell it. I bought this last year when I moved from Japan to Canada. Located in Victoria, BC.

    Exterior of the car is in not bad shape. There's some clear coat peeling on the right passenger side and minor nicks and scratches on the bumper, as you would expect from a car this age. Interior is in good shape with not tears or rips in the seats.

    Mechanically it's been an interesting story. The head gasket was changed at 60K in Japan and I have the documentation to prove that. I've had some work done to it here in Canada such as rad replacement, fluid replacement, new plugs, oil changes etc. There's a few ongoing issues that either the local mechanics are too stupid or unable to fix. Actually this is the main reason why I'm selling the car because I'm tired of dealing with the dumbass mechanics here on Vancouver Island.

    There is a shop in Richmond that is run by a guru of JDM Subarus but it gets expensive to take the car over there every time I need something done. If you have access to a knowledgeable and honest mechanic or can do the work yourself you probably won't have any issues like I've had with the car.

    Asking $7500

    34308053_10155682849623247_4603458583370137600_o 1.29.54 PM.jpg

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