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Thread: BP5 Legacy GT Spec B Front Lower Control Arms

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    Default BP5 Legacy GT Spec B Front Lower Control Arms

    Hi All,

    I'm going through inspection on my new '04 Legacy GT Spec B, and it was found that both Front Lower Control Arms have tears in the rear bushings.

    I'd like to find replacements for the Control Arm assemblies. Does anyone know if any NA cars have the same Control Arms. I'm thinking maybe the 2005/06 LGT? The correct part for the GT Spec B is 20202AG020/30 (Left/Right), and I've found aftermarket replacements for 20202AG02A/3A (Left/Right) on Rock Auto. Will these be a close enough fit?

    Alternatively, would trying to replace just the bushings make sense? I know it's generally easier to replace the whole assembly...


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    I had mine replaced with OEM. The press the old ones out and new ones in, pretty simple repair. Getting the control arms out is the fun part. Pretty sure the 05 USDM GTb part will fit. Some guys go with polyurethane bushes to stiffen the ride but it makes it pretty stiff for a daily driver IMHO.

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    I'm happy to report that the following parts worked perfectly for rebuilding my front lower control arms:
    Lower Front Bushing: MOOG K201604 (Subaru 20204AG000)
    Lower Rear Bushing: MOOG K201605 (Subaru 20204AG010)
    Ball Joints: BECK/ARNLEY 1014105 (Subaru 21067GA050)

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